1. What is PickingCherry.com?

PickingCherry.com is a B2B (Business to Business) marketplace to create a direct connection between producers and wineries and customers. The customers are other business as shops, restaurants, cafes but also distributors or retailers as general.

3. Do I need to sign up before buying any Offer/Product?

Yes, every customer must be a business and registered before the purchasing. We have to control the address and if the buyer is a business or a person that for for a business.

5. What type of products do you sell online?

PickingCherry.com is the leading Business to Business e-commerce site and we are specialised in Italian food and wine. Every business can find on PickingCherry.com the best local producers and wineries and place an order directly with them.

7. Are the price on products with VAT and other delivery and custom costs?

The prices are without VAT and other delivery or custom costs, they are updated at the checkout. The final prices you pay is included of any costs.

9. When will I receive my order?

The order is normally dispatched in 2-3 days from the purchasing and, in normal conditions, the couriers use from 3 to 5 work days to deliver. Remember there could be special conditions and it could use more time to come. If you need an urgent delivery, you can contact us and we are happy to help you. To contact us you can use the contact form at the link below.

11. How much are the alcohol duties?

Duties are an important cost in UK, they are variable for still or sparkling wine or other kind of product (beer, cider or spirits). The cost depend also from the percentage of alcohol is in the products. Example: In the 2021 the duty for a standard bottle (0.75l) of still wine (red or white) in the range of alcohol from 5.5% to 15% is £2.23+VAT (20%), for a sparkling wine (with more than 8.5% of alcohol) is £2.86 + VAT (20%). You can find all duties at the official page below, on the cost with duty must be calculated the VAT.

13. How many days I have to check the integrity of products?

There are normally 3 days to check the integrity of products you receive. If the products are fresh you have the same day of delivery to check. We must guarantee the correct process and give the opportunity to investigate the cause. For any problem you can contact us by email contactme@pickingcherry.com or with the form below. You can also check our Return Policy.

15. If I am looking for a product isn't in PickingCherry.com, can you help me to find it?

We have many contacts to improve our catalogue. We scout constantly the market and we can help you to find the product you are looking for, with the quality you need. Contact us and we'll move immediately to satisfy your needs.

17. Can I ask some samples or merchandising?

The sample can be requested by email or form below. We need some information about your business and the quantity you are interested. The cost of samples can be charged with the creation of a special order. You'll be contacted from our sales department to discuss your request with the vendor.

2. Can I buy as private consumer?

No, PickingCherry.com is a B2B (Business to Business) marketplace. Our customer is only business. Offers, prices, packaging and catalogues are proposed to satisfy a business request. Please read the Terms and Conditions at the link below.

4. How do I create a PickingCherry.com account?

PickingCherry.com is the leading Business to Business e-commerce site for UK market. Every business can create the own account from the link on top of page "Register" or directly the link below.

6. Could I have other cost after the purchasing?

No, the final price at the checkout is with VAT, delivery and custom costs. You won't have other costs. Remember that the prices on products are without VAT, delivery and custom costs, they are updated at the checkout.

8. Can I buy from different vendors?

Everyone can buy from different vendors but there is to place an separate order for each vendor. The vendors are in different places and each delivery is prepared independently.

10. Is the delivery expensive?

The cost depends from the quantity, the best price is normally with a pallet or part of it. We work constantly to find the best price and couriers. There is to consider that the International shipments are normally more expensive of a National one. The price of products are very competitive because they are without any other cost of distribution or storage. The buying is directly from producers or winery.

12. Is my payment safe?

We use one the most important and safe infrastructure of payment in the World, Stripe. You can find other information directly on their website, the link is below. We work constantly to offer an increased security in every step of our website.

14. What happen if I receive something wrong or damaged?

We use the best packaging and we do double checks before the collections but it could happen. If the pack is visible broken you can decide to not accept the delivery and write the motivation directly with the courier, remember to do some photos. If the problem isn't immediately visible, you can communicate directly with us by email (contactme@pickingcherry.com) or contact form below, remember to send us some photos of the problem, with more details as possible to understand it. We'll contact the supplier to find the best solution in the shorter time possible. You have 3 days to check the integrity of products.

16. Where can I take tips to improve the sales of my new products?

Normally the vendor places some useful information in the product details but you can check also our blog and our partner websites below. If you need further information you can contact us.